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We are creating a vibrant learning and coaching community to inspire innovative leaders over the world.

This is the place you need to join to connect and learn from the right people that will support you reach extraordinary results.

Here you can meet the right person at the right moment. You can learn from them. You can feel safe sharing experiences and opportunities in a 'coaching circle'; a trusted environment genuinely committed to your professional growth and collective intelligence. 

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This is our manifesto

“We ASPIRE with passion, doing what we love; 
we PERSPIRE for excellence, loving what we do; 
we CONSPIRE for change, sharing our best; 
we INSPIRE with a positive impact, making a difference; 
we RESPIRE with gratitude keeping balance." 

We are Inusuals, and we want to be recognized for this.

We are proactive people looking for a collaborative and innovative way of working. We believe that this is the best way to develop a good relationship with trustworthy people, having challenging work, and enjoying a meaningful life.

Whether you work to lead change and innovation within a large organization, a small business, or simply work on your own, this community is created especially for you. Premium members of this community have discovered the transformative potential of coaching circles by participating in existing ones, and also by creating their own.

The community also cultivates an exquisite selection of downloadable tools and templates; inspiring best practices, good readings, and mutual support from other members.

INUSUAL network is your safe place to open up, discover yourself, learn from others, and make a difference. This place is the network you need for your innovative professional development. Go beyond the ordinary. Connect with the right people and start expanding your professional life today. 

Are you innovative?

Join us today for free and become the best version of yourself.

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